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Time line (part 2 of 2) / produced by Greg Gordon.

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Time line (part 2 of 2) / produced by Greg Gordon.

May 21, 1979 - White found guilty of manslaughter. White Night Riots. Milk's 49th birthday. Two gay journalists confront the makers of CBS Reports' "Gay Power, Gay Politics" for their slanted portrayal of gay subcultures. Protests over Friedkin's Cruising. George Crile and Grace Diekhaus. Harry Reasoner. Cruising in Buena Vista Park. Portrayal of Dianne Feinstein "groveling for votes". The fundamentalist "New Right" and gays. 1981 - Falwell announces "war" on gays and lesbians. IMRU coverage of supporters and protestors at Falwell's LA Convention Center appearance. August 28, 1982 - opening of the Gay Games (not allowed to use Olympics in their name). AIDS funding and research. Produced by Greg Gordon.

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